Red Wine



A beautiful, dry Marquette with a medium body and notes of red cherries, smoke and a hint of spice. Aged in Minnesota, American and French oak barrels. 75% Marquette (MN), 15% Frontenac (MN) & 10% Petite Sirah (CA). Pairs perfectly with lamb & beef dishes.



A semi-dry blend of Minnesota and New York grapes. Fruit forward and lighter in body with a hint of oak on the finish! A perfect red wine to pair with lighter dishes such as grilled white fishes, bbq chicken, grilled pizzas and burgers.



Made with all Minnesota Frontenac grapes! Bright cherry fruit notes with a touch of spice from aging in Minnesota oak barrels. This wine pairs perfectly with stronger flavored meats such as lamb, venison, duck, and other wild game. A perfect red for the hunter!



Our best selling wine! A semi-sweet red made with a blend of Minnesota grapes. Unaged and unoaked, make this the perfect red wine for any occasion! Fruit forward and bold - you can serve this wine at room temperature or chilled! Pairs perfectly with Tator Tot Hotdish!



A traditional, dry, red blend of Merlot (44%), Zinfandel (44%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (12%). A little bit of everything - fruit, smoke and oak! A light to medium body with a nice balance of tannin. Great pairing with grilled beef & pork dishes.