Attending a Wedding?

We want to make your experience at Carlos Creek as memorable as possible.  Your invitation to a wedding at Carlos Creek will not only mean an exciting time with family and friends, it means you get to experience all that we have to offer!

Please take a look at the rest of our site for information on tours, tasting and live music but here are a few points of information to keep in mind:

  • All weddings at Carlos Creek have shuttle service to take guests back to your lodging.  Feel free to leave your car here overnight and retrieve it the next day
  • Most of our weddings will feature an outdoor ceremony and social hour.  Keep this in mind when planning footwear and consider layers in the event of cooler weather.
  • As a licensed manufacturer of alcohol no other alcohol is allowed on our grounds unless it is sold through our on-sale liquor license.  Please refrain from bringing, or consuming your own adult beverages.
  • We have large grounds here with lots too see.  Please explore and visit our vineyards and orchards but be respectful of the grapes and apples, they are very tender.
  • Make sure to try our wine!  The wedding couple has hand selected a number of wines for the reception but we have many more to try.  Lots of wedding attendees arrive early, or return on another day to do a wine tasting and learn more about our products.
  • Finally below are a few links to local lodging, restaurants and attractions, if you are staying for multiple days make sure you see all that Alexandria has to offer!