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Fruit Wine



A semi-dry fruit wine. Sweet and fruity at the front with a nice tartness on the finish from the bright, tangy cranberries! If you are a dry wine fan, this is the fruit wine for you! Perfectly pairs with turkey, ham and The Holidays!




A sweet wine that tastes like summer in a bottle! Imagine biting into a ripe, juicy peach - that is what this wine tastes like! Enjoy on the porch chilled.



A semi-sweet fruit wine that tastes just like blueberry pie! Smooth, sweet and fruity at the front, with just enough brightness in the finish to balance it out. Great wine by itself or paired with a variety of white cheese such as havarti, parmigiano-reggiano or bleu cheese.




A semi-sweet wine bursting with bright, ripe raspberries! Simple to describe, simple to enjoy! Pair with cheesecake, summer salads or just enjoy on its own!