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Cheese Bots

The Cheese Bot's story is truly one that must be believed only if you're tired of reality. The Bots (as they are known to their several friends) started out playing for hyperactive sugar infused children and stupefied tired adults on the Chuckee Cheesey* circuit as back up players for the giant rat-like automaton stars. Not content to be playing second fiddle to man-made musicians the Bots decided to break out on their own into the so called real world with musical arrangements that are appreciated by most people above the age of zero and below the age of Bernardo Ablonski who is really, really old. Just to be clear, Mr. Ablonski doesn't hate The Bots, he just prefers his music from a Karaoke machine without anyone singing and the volume turned all the way down. The Bots have hit the road with Longhorn Colby on sax, bongos and vocals, Limburger on guitar and vocals and Fromage du Jour on guitar, bass and vocals. If you're like me (I know I am) you'd hire these guys for your local establishment, private party, bar mitzvah, going away party or Tupperware fiesta.

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Vinnie Rose
Later Event: September 3
3 Bob Al