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Red Wine




A dry, bold red with dark fruit notes and hints of spice & earth. We source our Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the Lodi Valley in California. A great wine to pair with steak, hamburgers or a beautiful sunset on the lake! 




A smooth, dry red with flavors of dark cherries & blackberries and a velvety finish with a hint of chocolate! Our Merlot grapes are sourced from the Lodi Valley in California! This wine is a perfect pairing for a romantic dinner at home or curled up in a hammock with a good book!



A traditional, dry, red blend of Merlot (44%), Zinfandel (44%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (12%). A little bit of everything - fruit, smoke and oak! A light to medium body with a nice balance of tannin. Great pairing with grilled beef & pork dishes.



Our best selling wine! A semi-sweet red made with a blend of Minnesota grapes. Unaged and unoaked, make this the perfect red wine for any occasion! Fruit forward and bold - pairs perfectly with Tator Tot Hotdish!




Our most tannic red for you tannin lovers! This inky, bold red has aromas of chocolate and dark fruit with flavors of black cherries, pepper with a finish of smooth oak. Is the red wine is sure to please any dry red fan and is an employee favorite!



A beautiful, dry Marquette with a medium body and notes of red cherries, smoke and a hint of spice. Aged in Minnesota, American and French oak barrels. 75% Marquette (MN), 15% Frontenac (MN) & 10% Petite Sirah (CA). 



Reserve Frontenac

Our smoothest, boldest Frontenac ever! A beautiful balance of dark fruit and tart cherry. This Frontenac was aged an extra year in oak barrels to create a rich flavor and texture, while adding beautiful notes of spice and smoke. This is a perfect bottle of wine for a romantic evening or celebration!